Western Leg, LRT (from Bayview to Lincoln Fields via ???)

The city has set up a stakeholders group to contribute to its process of finding how the LRT will get from Bayview (or Tunney’s) to Lincoln Fields. Options include the Ottawa River NCC lands, the Otrain-Carling route, the Churchill-Carling route, and the transitway-Byron route. All options have very different features for transit users and the adjacent communities. Continue reading Western Leg, LRT (from Bayview to Lincoln Fields via ???)

Perseid Meteor Shower Thursday nite

The perseidĀ meteor shower comes every year. This year, it will peak on Thursday night. Start watching after 10pm. Peak viewing will be midnight to 1am (ie midnight thursday evening to 1am friday morning) as the moon will be absent. If you can make out lots of stars in the sky, it is dark enough. Even though I live downtown, I can lie out on my back deck and find it is dark enough. I hang some blankets on the clothesline to block street light shining from the next block. Last year, we saw about 10 meteors quite clearly in about … Continue reading Perseid Meteor Shower Thursday nite

Dead Spot

All the proposals for the Fallen Firefighters Memorial at the NCC presentation last evening had very similar elements and wording. I suspect they reflect the rigid programming requirments edicted by the bureaucrats. The closest the proposals came to excitement also came with the most criticism, if the public comment sheet is anything to go by. The proposals all lack something to engage the public. The memorial site will truly be a dead spot. Continue reading Dead Spot

You missed the latest post …

If you get this message, you are still subscribed to or are reading WestSideAction at the OLD blog site. There is a new post at the new site, and it will not appear at this site! You are missing my post on why we need a downtown transit tunnel, no shades of Gray! Here’s what to do:Go to http://www.westsideaction.wordpress.com/ and on the right side column, the RSS buttons. Click to start your free subscription for the posts only, or the posts and readers comments. If you subscribe, all new posts are sent to you automatically. Once you subscribe to the … Continue reading You missed the latest post …

WSA is moving

WestSideAction has moved from .blogspot to .wordpress. Please subscribe using the RSS button thereĀ as future posts will be from the http://www.westsideaction.wordpress.com/ site only. Sorry for the errors and omissions and oddities that appear for the next few days as I try to set up and get familiar with the .wordpress account. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. thanks for reading, Eric Darwin Continue reading WSA is moving