All roads lead to Rome

all roads lead to Rome when on Preston Street

The Preston Street BIA (Business Improvement Assoc) continues to add features to the attractive Preston streetscape.

One of the most challenging areas is under the Queensway. Underpasses are dark, often damp, always unpleasant places, but the Preston BIA has managed to turn theirs into a silk purse. The wall murals are attractive, the benches and seating in an underpass are actually being used. The latest installation are faux directional signs that feature the names of businesses. Four sign posts have been installed, with more directional arrows to come. Don’t try to use them as real directional signs however: some businesses (such as Adamo) are gone; others are on side streets abutting Preston, some clubs and associations have no physcial locations, and if accurate all the signs would simply post straight right or left since the street is linear.

Toronto, aka centre of the universe, is now making a big deal out of its upcoming underpass art. Better late than never, big TO.
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