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  1. Great reads Eric. I have been following for some time now and enjoying every post. I dont know if u have ever covered this topic but there are many opportunities in the west side for public art work where city owned or private walls exist. For example check out the massive city retaining wall accross from the soon to be infill project at 11 garland st. I actually heard that this wall that is subject to graffiti is to be painted so says the HCA. Maybe a story on this and other potential projects of this nature might peek the interest of others as painted wall add to the street scape, prevent graffitti, can be
    Historical in nature and add value to properties. Just a thought. Looking forward to more posts! Cheers, Daniel.

  2. We have so many underpasses that could be used as art murals. I don’t know how they hold up with our weather. In Tucson, where I winter a bit, the weather being what it is allows for the most beautiful paintings along their freeway ramps, and underpasses. Naturally there are mosaics there too in places.

    1. I was on the PAC for the bayview yards many years ago, and found it totally frustrating by the pac’s and city’s total disregard for economic reality. They wanted the most contaminated land cleaned up to be used for housing, and the non-contaminated land used for a baseball park which could have operated on contaminated soil without remediation. It turns out I was the ONLY participant in the process that thought economic considerations should influence the plan. The result was a plan that was ridiculously too expensive to implement, and thus the land has sat unused for a decade in the midst of a huge condo boom. What would the west side look like with fewer infill highrises and more concentrated on unused industrial lands?

      I also felt that the citizen’s input was way too influenced by short term vision of those who had views over the park itself. My experience in LeBreton Flats in the 80’s is that putting a park between the old and new neighborhoods separates them, and doesn’t unify them.

      I will be attending a PAC meeting next week on the Bayview Carling CDP.

  3. As I traverse city streets by foot and by car, I wonder, am I the only one offended by the barrage of signs on roads. Signs for speed bumps, signs for bulb outs, signs for this, signs for that.

    I wonder, why do we need so much signage…can’t we mark pavement for speed bumps (Kingston does), can’t we mark bulb outs. I guess what I am saying is that there is so much visual and physical signage that there seems to be no space left without a sign on it. Thoughts?

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