Finding Fault with DOTT

The City released its first report on the test bores along the route of the proposed LRT through the downtown of Ottawa (DOTT). There was a lot of confusing fuss over the Campus Station (is there too much rock or not enough? will the tunnel there be bored or cut-and-cover? why would a open-to-the-surface slope into the tunnel cost about the same as a tunnel itself?) and not enough answers. There was also some fuss about the existence of fault lines crossing the DOTT route. Unfortunately, no one seemed to have the time to call an expert or even a geology professor at … Continue reading Finding Fault with DOTT

The Unfinished Deck

I first noticed this steel girder structure in early Spring. There is a similar one on the other side of the concrete pier that extends out to the Dow’s Lake Pavillion (surely one of the better NCC projects, it adds needed life to the Lake). It looks like the steel should be topped with thick wood planks or concrete pavers, to widen the pier and improve the alignment to the new entrance to Mexicali Rosa’s and Malone’s Restuarant. Anyone know why the project has not yet been finished? Continue reading The Unfinished Deck

Naval Flotilla on the Rideau

I got rather excited to see Navy uniforms on Saturday cruising up the Canal. Mind you its not as fast as the Bras d’Or (hydrofoil)* or big as the Magnificent or Bonaventure (aircraft carriers), all now noticeably absent from our navy fleet. My dad was in the Navy forever, and being a navy brat, moved every year or two. I attended 9 schools before I graduated from high school. Maybe that’s why I haven’t moved from my Dalhousie neighborhood in the last 30 years. *I recall this story, I don’t know if it is true. Trudeau was PM. To make … Continue reading Naval Flotilla on the Rideau