Perseid Meteor Shower Thursday nite

The perseid meteor shower comes every year. This year, it will peak on Thursday night. Start watching after 10pm. Peak viewing will be midnight to 1am (ie midnight thursday evening to 1am friday morning) as the moon will be absent. If you can make out lots of stars in the sky, it is dark enough.

Even though I live downtown, I can lie out on my back deck and find it is dark enough. I hang some blankets on the clothesline to block street light shining from the next block. Last year, we saw about 10 meteors quite clearly in about 30 minutes.

The city is able to dim its streetlights once a year to play along with the “turn out your lights” crowd. It would be neat if they could do it again after 11pm on the evening of the Perseid meteor shower. Nature can be amazing when we can see it.

2 thoughts on “Perseid Meteor Shower Thursday nite

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I am at the cottage so the pontoon will have a glass of wine and eager eyes.

  2. Thanks for the heads up – I would have forgotten! I’ll watch from on top of the roof of our shed in Little Italy. Cheers!

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