Rearranging dirt

  The NCC has started construction on the Firefighters Monument on LeBreton Flats. They scraped off the topsoil first. They stacked the topsoil in a pile, either the better to truck it away, or to store it for reuse later around the monument. But what will they be doing with all the dirt underneath? I would hope they could use it to fill in the bomb crater front yard of the 200 Lett Street condos. At the recent all-candidates debate, it was right to describe the development as flawed. But equally obviously, lots of people DO want to live in buildings … Continue reading Rearranging dirt

New Firefighters memorial

There is a large patch of grass between the first towers by Claridge on  LeBreton Flats, and the new Wellington Street. This is the site of the new Fallen Firefighters’ Memorial. Construction is supposed to begin this year to build the memorial. I remain sceptical about how well it will function as a people space. I am concerned it may be a dead spot along the road. In the drawing above, the road at the bottom is Wellington, the block at the top is the first podium part of the LeBreton yellow brick condo, and the curvy road is the new Lett Street which … Continue reading New Firefighters memorial

Dead Spot

All the proposals for the Fallen Firefighters Memorial at the NCC presentation last evening had very similar elements and wording. I suspect they reflect the rigid programming requirments edicted by the bureaucrats. The closest the proposals came to excitement also came with the most criticism, if the public comment sheet is anything to go by. The proposals all lack something to engage the public. The memorial site will truly be a dead spot. Continue reading Dead Spot

Bikepath to No-where

The NCC has been landscaping the area north of the Claridge condo building on LeBreton Flats since mid-winter. Earlier posts on this blog showed the winter landscaping and very early spring planting of trees and shrubs. Eventually, the Fallen Firefighters Monument will be constructed on the grassy area. The contractor (same one as is doing Plouffe Park) has now paved the bike path from Wellington Street north along the west side of the tailrace. A side branch cuts off to the west to join Lett Street beside the condo. But the path goes nowhere, as Claridge hasn’t yet landscaped the … Continue reading Bikepath to No-where

LeBreton Flats: landscaping in winter time

The much-criticized condo tower on LeBreton Flats near Wellington and the War Museum is the first new residential building on these brownfields in 25 years. The view of the building is not helped by its isolation and strip-mined surroundings. Until the condo apartment market heats up again, we won’t see the second half of the first building (yes, second half: the first building is L shaped; the second joins onto it with another 7 storey yellow brick base and a 14 storey tower, making the whole building look like one, shaped in a U with the open end facing the … Continue reading LeBreton Flats: landscaping in winter time