New Firefighters memorial

There is a large patch of grass between the first towers by Claridge on  LeBreton Flats, and the new Wellington Street. This is the site of the new Fallen Firefighters’ Memorial. Construction is supposed to begin this year to build the memorial. I remain sceptical about how well it will function as a people space. I am concerned it may be a dead spot along the road.

In the drawing above, the road at the bottom is Wellington, the block at the top is the first podium part of the LeBreton yellow brick condo, and the curvy road is the new Lett Street which is open for traffic. As you can see from the drawing below, the rock formation along Wellington will be high – maybe 12′ high, and the fifteen foot high firefighter will be visible mostly from Lett Street or when going east on Wellington.

4 thoughts on “New Firefighters memorial

  1. Well, I’d appreciate it, as they’re putting it smack dab in the middle of one of my dog-walking routes, but I’ve never seen anyone else around there.

  2. I hope this project is funded better than the last Firefighter’s memorial (on the City Hall grounds)

    Though it’s nice to see something for the public happen in Claridge’s wasteland.

  3. Is this really necessary? Another memorials in Ottawa… sick of them… it is a waste of space and will fall forgotten the minute the cut the ribbon. Good to buy political capital by the builders, that’s it.

    Sorry, it sounds harsh, but it amazes me on how bad we are at using public spaces…

  4. This is redundant. Firefighters have now been raised to the level of soldiers and police officers. There are plenty of on-the-job accidents which lead to death. We should remember all these people equally and I don’t think that even requires a memorial.

    This memorial is smart politics, bad esthetics.

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