Smart Car Diplomats

This is the Nepalese Embassy on Queen Street. Notice the size of the Diplomatic zone at the front. Is their other car a Smart Car? Do they drive in it or do they carry it up mountains?

This grand old house is much diminished by the conversion of the front sidewalk and garden to more parking spaces. This clearly violates city parking rules, but I somehow suspect we won’t see the greenspace again until the snow melts on Everest. All hail the sacred parking space!

One thought on “Smart Car Diplomats

  1. The city is investigating many of the houses on my street. Plenty of illegal parking spots and lane parking and such. You can imagine if the entire front of the house is paved for parking where the snow gets dumped. We had one snow pile on our street as big as a city bus! I imagine the Embassy can just ignore city directives though.

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