More views from the Flats

Yesterday’s post had some interior shots and eastward views from the ninth floor of Claridge’s condo tower on LeBreton Flats. Here are some shots in other directions, including the courtyards.

view down into the Tailrace / Bronson Creek / Kayak course
spot the kayakers
Fleet Street Pumping Station and aqueduct headwater
view down into the courtyard

The stair and elevator access to the public roof decks is brightly lit all night with flourescent lights. Perhaps the condo board could replace these with a 25 watt nite lite and maybe something brighter on a motion sensor that turns on for a minute then dims. The glare now must impede the view.
on the far right is some roof planted with sedums from the earlier phase, presumably the foreground roofs here will be planted

focus down Sparks Street Mall to the former Union Station / Conference Centre / future public library?

One thought on “More views from the Flats

  1. Great Shots!
    I love the area around there, and hope the development lives up to its potential.

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