Dramatic views from the Flats

Claridge has five furnished model apartments for viewing on the ninth floor of the second condo tower (the yellow brick one) on LeBreton Flats. The views, particularly to the east, are stunning; nothing can be built to block them. In 20 years no doubt I will kick myself for not having bought these NYC-central-park-style views while they were affordable. Better than central park — the views include cliffs, a national kayak course, cycling paths, the gothic parliament buildings … The windows are huge, #903 had views in three directions. (Only $560,000 or so for 1300 sq ft, but if you had to ask …). The building comes with a swimming pool and exercise room.

So without further ado, here is your dose of real estate porn; first some interior shots, then the east views:

because these spring views lack "green" here is one taken last fall

There were kayakers out on Sunday afternoon shooting the rapids in Bronson Creek / The Tailrace. They decided to get changed by the storage containers. I hear these will be replaced by a permanent pavilion this summer.

Tomorrow: views south, north, and west.

3 thoughts on “Dramatic views from the Flats

  1. The interiors look amazing and the views are beautiful. The exterior design is controversial and questionable, but the interior and views make it worth it.

  2. Charles: sometimes when going westbound from the river pathway I cycle up the road instead of the bike path because they both reach the same elevation at the top of the slope but the road is a gentler slope.

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