Walking Portland’s SouthWaterfront streets

Here’s part 2 of the Portland series, from 2015. They did an excellent job of creating lively streets. We haven’t done nearly as well here in Ottawa. Yet the formulas for success are out there. Do note that since this story was first written, Claridge’s Flats project has greatly improved, with benches and gardens and resident participation and involvement growing. (We might look at that in a future story). Alas, the city continues to shun the area, except to collect fees and taxes, but not providing so much as a tot lot for the scads of kids that live there. … Continue reading Walking Portland’s SouthWaterfront streets

The view from Portland

As part of a retrospective of previous stories on new urban neighbourhoods, lets revisit Portland’s South waterfront new urban neighbourhood. While the details of what gets built and how, may vary, new urban neighbourhoods are tending to look more and more the same. After all, architects and planners read the same world-circulation magazines and journals, attend conferences, and share ideas (sometimes better, sometimes worse). It’s part of that world homogenization that sometimes makes it hard to tell just where one is. Yes, there is a loss of sense of place. Portland is interesting because it was a strong influence on … Continue reading The view from Portland

Wayfinding for the Bayview and Pimisi stations

OC Transpo has put up schematics for all the stations. These illustrations are like sandwiches and somewhat difficult for the non-geek to interpret. You can find them all here:  http://www.octranspo.com/ready4rail/my_station       http://www.octranspo.com/ready4rail/my_station I recommend you not to try to read … Continue reading Wayfinding for the Bayview and Pimisi stations

See more of Farmer Doug

West side residents may already be familiar with Farmer Doug and his red pickup truck selling fruit and vegetables at the shanghai parking lot on Saturday mornings. Best come exactly at 10am as he is often sold out by 10.15 or 10.30. Starting today, he will also be offering just-picked fruits and veggies on Tuesdays, from 4 to 6. This second opportunity arises because of the abundance of produce at this harvest season, and because a number of Centretowners seem to own second homes and are out of town on the weekends. Produce offerings include: Fruit and veggies at the … Continue reading See more of Farmer Doug

Train spotting, west side style

After months being babysat in the trench out near Tunney’s, the stranded Confederation line train has become busy. I spent a chunk of time on Wednesday watching the train testing the system between Tunney’s Pasture and Pimisi (formerly LeBreton) Station. Here are some shots of the train approaching Bayview Station from the west (ie, coming from Tunney’s):   And here are some photos of the train at the passenger platform inside Bayview Station. These photos are taken from the Albert Street overpass:   Leaving Bayview, heading down the slope to cross the Flats towards Pimisi:   Crossing the Flats, headed towards … Continue reading Train spotting, west side style