Building Better Barricades

In an earlier story, I bitched about the heavy, clumsy use of full-size jersey barriers as safety barriers for public gatherings.

As opposed to using shorter, more pedestrian friendly, but still effective half-length jersey barriers:

At Westboro Fuse event this past weekend I was pleased to see these “roll away” barriers used. Necessity is the mother of invention. These smaller barriers, and soon no doubt there will be other innovative designs, will make street closures better. I can already imagine two or more of these welded together a few feet apart to make a quick set up and removal barrier to replace the entire concrete jersey barrier. Progress.

I noticed that early LRT station illustrations showed fairly clear forecourts approaching the station doors, for example at Tunney’s and Bayview. Then the drawings changed to position concrete benches at right angles to the direction of flow, which was also the direction of “attack” should we still permit white vans to be rented in the future (surely as a weapon of mass destruction they should be banned?). We will very soon see what is installed.