Train spotting, west side style

After months being babysat in the trench out near Tunney’s, the stranded Confederation line train has become busy.

I spent a chunk of time on Wednesday watching the┬átrain testing the system between Tunney’s Pasture and Pimisi (formerly LeBreton) Station.

Here are some shots of the train approaching Bayview Station from the west (ie, coming from Tunney’s):


approaching Bayview Station from the west

And here are some photos of the train at the passenger platform inside Bayview Station. These photos are taken from the Albert Street overpass:


Leaving Bayview, heading down the slope to cross the Flats towards Pimisi:


Crossing the Flats, headed towards Pimisi Station, with the War Museum in the background:

After many months of seeing only service and construction vehicles along the right of way and on the tracks, the trains surprised me, looking quite large on the landscape.

Here’s a distance shot of the train pulled into Pimisi. Alas, I was getting wetter, and went home, but will get some additional pictures in Pimisi Station someday soon:

6 thoughts on “Train spotting, west side style

  1. Yes, indeed, when I saw it slowly (test speed) climbing up toward Ottawa U station the other day, it also was quite dramatic seeing a train where only buses used to tread…

  2. Great pics. Thanks for the information and keeping us informed. Do you have a date when the trains will officially run?

  3. Thanks for the photos!…January huh? Nice that someone cares enough to provide an update on progress!!

  4. Nice to see the blog operational once again. It is a great way to keep up with developments (pun intended) in our fair City.

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