Sculpture on the street, Winter Edition

Recall that a half dozen years back artworks appeared along Preston and West Wellington Streets. Granite poly-coloured ones on Preston; white marble on the other.

For the first few winters, the spray of road salt actually washed the paint colours off the granite artworks by j c fleury.

By mid-summer, contractors were back touching up the paint, with mixed results.

This year, in addition to the yellow fibreglass stakes that help mark the artwork from sidewalk plows and ambitious snow-bank clearing cat loaders, the city installed canvas “drawers” or overalls …

These canvas bags, sleeves, or whatever the correct artistic term is (surely we have invented a uniquely Canadian term for such uniquely Canadian art installations) added a certain haute couture je ne sais quois to the streetscape:

Alas, the concept needs some further refinement. Maybe suspenders to go up and over the top of the art when a belt won’t do?

Whatever it takes, it’s worth it to have livable, walkable streets.

2 thoughts on “Sculpture on the street, Winter Edition

  1. It appears that, once again, the city has come up with a solution that does not fully meet the need. That the top opened up after installation, either due to gusting winds or the actions of a social misfit (vandal), should not come as a surprise. Perhaps they should have considered a sleeve with a permanently closed end at the top, sort of like a canvas condom?

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