Why this catch-basin makes me happy

My wife and kids already know I’m weird. No doubt many readers have come to that suspicion as well.

The catch basin in the centre of the above picture makes me happy because … it is located on the future curb line. The sidewalk will be much wider. Life will be better for pedestrians. Crossing the street will be safer. The sidewalk will have three trees in it, which will shade the buildings and make eating more pleasant inside May’s Restaurant.

4 thoughts on “Why this catch-basin makes me happy

  1. Even better would be if thecatch basins were in the middle of the road, so that water collected away from pedestrians, thereby drastically reducing the chance of being splashed on a rainy day.

  2. That is really great! Now if they grade the road so that the water actually flows into the drain… I guess that is probably asking too much. On most streets, the drain seems to be at the highest point or else it is elevated on purpose above the grade. Why? Is it a plot to decrease the water load during storms?

  3. Good catch, Eric!

    Gardencat – the asphalt is on compounded gravel that continues to settle a bit; the catch basins are supported by concrete boxes which hold their shape. The result is that over time, most basins end up higher than the pavement. This is also why potholes are so common around them.

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