Inside the new Bridgehead

Bridgehead will be opening their Preston location in the fall. While the building faces Preston, their entrance will be just around the corner, off Anderson, approximately where the Preston&Leif Glass doors are now.

Above: view of building along Preston St

Above: view along Anderson Street. The boulevard along the sidewalk will be much improved and landscaped, and will include a patio.

Bridgehead is proposing some major renovations to the building façade, closing up some doors, opening new ones, extending openings the full height. The mis-matched brick, which apparently is not original to the building, will be reclad in new material.

The coffee shop will be face Anderson; the interior of it will be open to the coffee roasting operation and warehouse beyond. Here is what the gutted but as yet unimproved interior space looks like:

view of future loading dock. When renovated, the space will keep the exposed steel girders and concrete roof. They will store green beans in large walk-in fridges; they will train green staff to be chilled baristas.


in the fall, coffee aficionados will be sitting here enjoying their potion of choice


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