5 thoughts on “Laurier Separated Bike Lane

  1. From the city, “The second phase of construction for the segregated bike lanes pilot project on Laurier Avenue West begins Monday, May 30 with the section from Lyon Street to Elgin Street. Crews will resurface the entire length of this corridor between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. when required with a break during the afternoon peak drive time. Weekend work may also be required. Lane reductions will be necessary during this phase of construction.

    Parking along Laurier Avenue West will be removed during construction. New parking locations on Laurier will be available at the opening of the bike lane in mid-summer. The City will replace the 122 parking spots removed from Laurier Avenue West with 124 spots on Gloucester and Nepean streets. Parking spots on Gloucester and Nepean west of Kent Street will be free. The additional spaces between Kent Street and Lyon Street are available evenings and weekends only.

    Although loading zone markings will be removed during construction, short duration deliveries, pick-ups and drop-offs should be accomplished without interruption.

    Construction on the first leg of the project from Bronson Avenue to Lyon Street has progressed and final painting and signs will be installed as the full project is completed. This section of the bike lane is still part of the construction zone and will not be opened until all sections are completed.

    The segregated bike lanes on Laurier Avenue should be open by mid-summer, though the construction schedule could be affected by the weather.”

    I can’t wait!!

  2. Its a good start. From small acorns do mighty oaks grow.

    I cannot wait for the pics with people riding down it!

  3. If I read that City memo right, the Laurier lanes are finished between Bay and Bronson but won’t open until … when? September? when all the rest is done. Ah well…

    1. Yeah, silly. Why not at least let cyclists have a few blocks of increased safety in the interim? Oh wait, because that would take some hot air out of the inevitable ribbon cutting ceremony, where (you heard it here first) several local politicians will awkwardly arrive with the mayor on Bixi Bikes, and pat themselves on the back for “Innovative Green Thinking” for doing a duct-tape version of what really progressive cities have been doing WELL for 20 years.

      Baby steps are great. But this baby is in college now.

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