4 thoughts on “West Side popular with active people

    1. Agreed. Having run the 10K for 10+ years, and having cheered on the marathon for a long time, it was by far the best turn-out of cheering fans ever – even at 7:15 on Sunday morning, where my family rolled straight out of bed and walked a block and a half to our nearest cheering station. And bravo for highlighting the urban mainstreets of Ottawa!

      The only down-side: the idiots who were trying to drive their way around the event by speeding through neighbourhoods. Two things will help that: 1) Ottawa Police speed traps (please) and 2) a few years of experience with the new route where most people will learn to either relax or get out of town for the weekend.

  1. Eric, I think we both missed the Wheelchair marathoners on Sunday morning.
    I was concerned that the chairs would have a hard time making the turn at the bottom of Nanny Goat hill onto Preston. I didn’t see any blood or broken bits of wheelchair so I guess they made it 🙂

  2. I saw them go by on the full marathon on Sunday morning. I watched from the corner of Preston and Somerset, at the foot of the hill and 90 degree turn. A wheelchair went by fine; it looked dicey for a few seconds for a guy on a bike trike, but he made it too, and last I saw he was rolling down Preston at a fast clip.

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