Parking space to parkette

I am delighted to see a few Ottawa restaurants expanding out into parking spaces for the summer.

Back in the DownTownMoves planning studies days, this idea was ridiculed as being unsellable in Ottawa.

But eventually, the powers that be in Ottawa must have visited somewhere else. Anywhere else. Where there are restos on parking spaces. Or parks.

Here’s a nice little parkette in Montreal:


parkette 1

Simple. Useful. Cheap.

parkette 2

Enlightened. Wonderful.

Maybe someday here.

3 thoughts on “Parking space to parkette

  1. Hi Eric. I’m equally excited about this. Have seen them in Montreal the last few years and they are delightful. Now I see that my favourite coffee house Ministry of Coffee and Social Affairs on Wellington has a patio on the street. Great ideas take time. Let’s give the city boys the benefit of the doubt. They were thinking about it before acting.

  2. Nice pics, but, of course,
    “That won’t work here.” – City of Ottawa Staff.

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