Activity Overload at Bayview Station


Time seems to go faster as you get older, so maybe I am accelerating into oblivion …

Take a stroll over towards the Bayview Station and you can easily become overwhelmed by the number of activities occurring simultaneously.

The above pic captures just the station structure itself: there is a long bent arm crane conducting wet cement to its destination, the vertical black crane with a rocker top that is drilling caissons to construct concrete columns (pictured in more detail a week or two ago), a yellow crane doing who knows what, a black crane on the right moving rebars and a crane on the left, down at Trillium platform level, doing something else.

Mind, when you go there two days in a row, or sometimes just on the return trip from wherever you have been, the pathways have already been shuffled around the dynamic work site, and you have to pick out your route.

Not seen are the power shovels down in the pit a track level, or the power shovels removing the former transitway asphalt road bed in preparation for laying ties and tracks on the same alignment.

It is nice to see the LRT construction moving ahead visibly. The tunnel portions are exciting, but out of sight.

Now, if I could only find out who is operating that rock hoe at twelve midnight night after night …


5 thoughts on “Activity Overload at Bayview Station

  1. Good description of a busy construction site. Now what we also do not see (like the tunnels) is some information on progress related to a published schedule and some data on the cash-flow related to a published plan. The city politicians merely release enthusiastic statements fir for photo captions. We are even told that such information is confidential. Really? is it not all our money\?

  2. @Ben – I think the contract is fixed price so there’s nothing to report. I mean I guess you could ask the contractors how much they’ve spent so far, but they wouldn’t tell the government so why would they tell us.

    As to schedule, all I’ve heard is a generic “on schedule”. I suspect they might be a bit ahead but that’s just a guess.

    1. I agree, I do think they are ahead. Especially out in the east end, all the tracks are laid from St.Laurent to Blair. Next thing up will be the electrical supply poles between the two tracks.

  3. We have a long way to go yet! Tracks are laid yes but only part of the track ballasting has been completed. The tracks need to be tampered and ballasted first. Most of that right of way (East of Hurdman to Blair) doesn’t have duct banks complete yet. (needed for power and communication cabling) Then we worry about the electrical sub stations, catenary poles and overhead wires. Stations along that section won’t be done till January-February 2017, Hurdman Station not until August 2017. They say, LRV testing on that section should start late fall. Which makes for great pictures! I’m just happy the digging in the tunnel will be completed in the next week or two.

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