From low rise to high rise …

The Dalhousie and Hintonburg Community Associations will be holding a joint open house on Tuesday at 7pm at Tom Brown Arena where interested people can see just what the City is planning for the industrial and vacant lands along the OTrain corridor. Most of the emphasis will be on the area north of Somerset Street, to Bayview Station, which is shown in the illustration below.

Those are 30+ storey office towers on the top centre, opposite Bayview Station; the blueish buildings are already approved by the City and NCC as part of the LeBreton project (so don’t fret, we’ll all be dead before they get to this area). The white towers stretching downward and to the left are proposals for the City Centre site. The bottom three white  low rise cubes are being superceded while we read this by developer proposals for a series of much higher rise condo towers along Somerset Street (these are in addition to the 28 storey condo Claridge is proposing at Breezehill).  

If this subject isn’t too tiresome for you, I’ll be guest on CBC Morning after the 7.30am news, to talk about the proposals, what’s good and what’s bad for west side residents.