About those not-quite-bike-lanes on Booth Freeway

There are certain facts of life we have to deal with today, even if we regret how things came to be that way. I wont rehash how Booth Street north of Albert, going through LeBreton Flats, came to be designed … Continue reading About those not-quite-bike-lanes on Booth Freeway

Firestone speaks

Last week, the Dalhousie Community Association, of which I am the outgoing president, held its annual AGM. Last year our speaker was John Doran from Domicile, speaking on how to cost out a condo project. This year, we had Dr Bruce Firestone, best known as founder of the Senators. Until recently he was a professor of entrepreneurship at Ottawa U. He has been an engineer, real estate developer, hockey guy, professor of architecture, engineering, and business, a mortgage broker, author, parent, etc. He is an engaging speaker. He talks with confidence born of personal experience on the topic and the … Continue reading Firestone speaks

From low rise to high rise …

The Dalhousie and Hintonburg¬†Community Associations will be holding a joint open house on Tuesday at 7pm at Tom Brown Arena where interested people can see just what the City is planning for the industrial and vacant lands along the OTrain¬†corridor. Most of the emphasis will be on the area north of Somerset Street, to Bayview Station, which is shown in the illustration below. Those are 30+ storey office towers on the top centre, opposite Bayview Station; the blueish buildings are already approved by the City and NCC as part of the LeBreton¬†project (so don’t fret, we’ll all be dead before … Continue reading From low rise to high rise …

New Dalhousie Community Association Blog

The Dalhousie Community Association has a new information blog. It can be found at http://www.dalhousiecommunityassociation.blogspot.com/. The DCA represents the area from Bay Street on the east, to Bayview/O-Train on the west;from the Ottawa River/LeBreton Flats south to Carling Avenue. Dalhousie is one of the least known neighborhoods in the City, and its name is seldom recognized. With the new blog, they aim to improve communication and reach more residents. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to get updated news. Continue reading New Dalhousie Community Association Blog

St Francis Park

new wall, 18″ highexisting wall, 6-8′ ft, depending on location and which side of the wall wall removed, south side of park, along St Frances St.St Francois school in back right There is a large green park behind St Frances church, the Hintonburg community centre, and St Francois school. Formerly religious grounds, the property is enclosed on the east and south by stone walls. About 25 years ago, when the City acquired the lands, window slots were cut into the walls and a few sections lowered to permit oversight into the park from Fairmont and St Frances avenues. A year … Continue reading St Francis Park