Yuca-Yay !

Back in December 09  http://www.http//westsideaction.blogspot.com/2009/12/yucca-yuk.html I posted about the theft of the yucca plants from the front of the city parking garage that runs between Laurier and Slater. On the Laurier side there is a nice little strip of garden space. Then someone stole the nicest yucca plant (looks like a cactus, and yes, is winter hardy) from the west end of the garden, and sometime later, the one from the east end of the garden.

As shown, the City has replaced the plants and added some too. Looks nice. Kudos to whomever at the city actually notices these things and acts to repair the damage. And a plague of earwigs and slugs on whomever stole the yuccas in the first place.