Collatoral damage

On May 3rd, new shrubs and trees for Preston are stockpiled near the street. Note especially the trees in the background.
On May 7, the shrubs and trees are planted at the corner of Primrose. Note the Bell person hole in the sidewalk.
May 10th, Bell removed the planted material and leaves them on the side of the adjacent building, bare roots exposed, no pots, facing south.
The greenery fades …
Bell “restores” the site. Dead shrubs removed. Note the mulch area is compressed by the steel plates that were stored there. Some rose bushes of the “pancake” variety remain.
11 June, landscaping resumes. These trees were stored near the site, out of the ground, since 3 May. Not many leaves left. New shrubs supplied and planted. 
Not to worry, the city tells me. Bell had to pay for the new shrubs. 
It still spells waste to me.