When buildings look like colour swatches

The Algonquin College new building at the Baseline Station looks pretty from some angles. The coloured fins, or brise soleils, on the exterior elevate it from the drab by adding a fun element. The colour scheme on the fins is muted though. The original exterior, shown below from the internet image, was much hotter:

original algonquin

So I was pleased to notice this residence building at Carleton U, with bright colourful panels on the exterior. I think on site the eye picks out the colours quicker than they show up in the picture:

july 2013 083

But niether holds a Pantone swatch to this building in Austria:

europe 2013 1695


I noticed lots of buildings in Germany and Austria were employing very bright colours and fun exteriors. Perhaps they are a fun reaction to drab economic times. In which case we will be seeing a lot more colourful buildings. Art history and architectural trends in past suggest this is a recurring pattern.

Here is a building under construction in Salzburg:

europe 2013 1691

I notice Claridge’s ICON building proposed for 505 Preston at Carling has a smattering of bright red panels on the north side of it. It will be no more red than the Mondrian tower is downtown. And one block over on Rochester, Domicile’s new 18 storey condo (coming soon !) will be dominately red, in sharp contrast to the largely-drab-black office tower the feds run next door.

I like the colours; I think we have too much drab brown and black brick. What do you think?

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  1. I love colour too. I was really looking forward to the new Algonquin building, and so disappointed to see them wimp out on the colours. It’s so much blander than it could have been.

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