Will the NCC take their medicine (wheel)?

Cyclists along the Ottawa River pathway pass by this Aboriginal medicine wheel laid out on the grass.


july 2013 104


It looks home made. Or hand made. No fifty thousand dollar concrete pad. No careful manipulation of space by a Registered Landscape Architect. Just some rocks, some paint. Definitely not a NCC approved installation.

There is an interpretive sign though:

july 2013 103


The sign has all the ancient and modern conveniences:

july 2013 105

One thought on “Will the NCC take their medicine (wheel)?

  1. I’ve passed by that a few times and thought it was a very cool example of people “reclaiming” public space for truly PUBLIC art. But I missed the Facebook sign. Shame it doesn’t list the address or have a QR code, so I had to Google it. Here’s the link:
    I’ll post this link over there too. I’d love to learn the story behind it.

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