Last call for sunset at Dow’s Lake

This photo was taken from the pathway on the north side of Dow’s Lake, along the Queen Elizabeth Driveway.

july 2013 118

With the forest of high rises Mr Watson wants to put at the Preston-Carling intersection, late evening summer sunsets will just be a memory. Instead, the sun will set an hour earlier, and you’ll have to crane your neck looking up to see it.

6 thoughts on “Last call for sunset at Dow’s Lake

  1. …alternatively, Mr Watson can put those 2000+ units in the suburbs in the form of single family homes on 145 acres of fertile farmland adding about 14,000 additional cars to Ottawa roads each day.

    Without putting people in high rises, there will eventually be so much smog you won’t be able to see the sunset from anywhere!

    1. How about a middle ground…? We always seem to go from one extreme to another! It’sjust like going from “red” to “blue” and then back again! When do we ever understand that there other alternatives??

    2. I doubt the 2000+ units will sell, they’ll sit mostly vacant (look at the slow sales in the rest of the Ottawa condo market). Rental vacancies are up:

      A major problem with this area is that there needs to be a proper grocery store within walking distance. Even if all the units sold, then people most likely drive to go get groceries, and there is going to be smog like we’ve never seen.

      These plans do not call for sustainable land development. You can’t just build a high-rise and assume it will be filled. Office vacancies are up in downtown too (

  2. I didn’t know Mr. Watson was in the land-development and building business. And if you want to keep seeing the sun set over Dow’s Swamp, walk to a different part of the shoreline of the Swamp.

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