Well planted trees

Here’s another bit of Ottawa sidewalk I like. It’s along Place Bell Canada. Notice how well the curbs protect the trees against snowplows, parked objects, construction vehicles and equipment, etc. The tree trunks are thick, the leaf canopy is generous. The trees appear to be happy and growing. What a difference from so many Ottawa trees so obviously struggling hopelessly along the streets.

Hey, it’s a sidewalk worth walking on.

2 thoughts on “Well planted trees

  1. Wow, that does look nice. It will be interesting to see how those raised planter edges fare after a winter of plowing.
    Another nice thing about this picture is the silver ash tray in the middle. They are all over Montreal, where it is rare to see a cigarette butt on the ground. In Ottawa on the other hand it, there is never a place to put your butts. I spent the nice part of the weekend paying with my son at the volleyball courts at Plouffe. There are more butts in that pit than sand 🙁

  2. Matthew, I think those planters have been through a few winters already, and still look good.

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