Unheralded bike-ped bridge under construction?



We hear a lot about the proposed ped-bike bridges proposed for the Rideau River at the east end of Somerset; and over the canal at Fifth. And that’s ignoring the problem-plagued bridge over the Airport Parkway. And the not-yet-existant Hickory Bridge over the OTrain that was supposed to open LAST December.

But there may be another one in progress that certainly slipped under my radar.  Out behind the War Museum on LeBreton Flats was a rickety old bridge surface over a dam-type structure in Ottawa River. The surface had holes in it, and has been fenced off from usage since the Museum opened.


Now the channel that leads the water to the hydro plants and former Eddy-Domtar mills is being repaired. At its western end the former bridge structure has been removed and new pillars are being installed on the river bed, as pictured at the top.

The longer term plans for the original Museum and now for the Isles-Domtar redevelopment includes a new ped-cyclist crossing of the channel. Presumably this will go atop the pillars being installed.

Does anyone know if the ped-cyclist bridge surface is being installed now, or for much later?



Here’s a from-a-balloon picture that shows the Isles viewed from the Gatineau side, and the right-most bridge right behind the Museum is the one being rebuilt now:

baloon shot

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  1. Yeah, I noticed the same thing while I was out last weekend, and came to the same conclusion as Dennis. likely repair work, not adding any additional capacity.

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