West Side Vampires

After too many years of writing this pathetic blog that no one pays attention to, I’ve decided to shift focus away from urban planning and development on the west side of Ottawa, to something more topical.


aug 27 2014 505

What do you think of the above photo as the new “snap of author” pic for the blog? It’s not really me, of course, just a random photo of an elderly gent, somewhat overweight, picking — or sharpening — a tooth in the mirror of a superannuated pickup truck.

Oh, that truck might look familiar to those of you who watch TV or read JF …

aug 27 2014 507


Yup, Bella’s trucks get lots of attention for places, as do vampires, so maybe that is what is required to get the west side some attention. [Previous poses with a Back to the Future DeLorean didn’t do much did they? – ed]

After all, Forks is pretty small place, with outsized name recognition:

aug 27 2014 503

So small, but with an airport too (not all vampires have wings), and in an efficient use of space, the main runway closely parallels the highway (in the foreground) and is used (presumably when Hollywood celebrity airplanes are not expected) as the local go cart track:

aug 27 2014 502


And I think we need a west side radio too:

aug 27 2014 497


And after I collect all the neighbourhood candy and bite some necks  and the calendar turns to November,  it’s back to Planning in Dullsville again. So boring. So repetitious.

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