The 100 mile diet

As seen on Wednesday, on Primrose Ave, some local residents have very much taken to heart the exhortation to eat locally. I am proud to call these young male residents my neighbours.
The dozens of pizzas certainly support local businesses and pizza-farmers; and the variety of beer cartons shows we are dealing with gourmands who are taste-testing their way through the local artisanal beverages (click to enlarge photo to inspect the brands). Such dedication is (fill in your adjective here).
My biggest complaint here is that the garbage is being put out on a Wednesday, when collection day is Monday, except for this holiday weekend when it will be Tuesday. More and more often I see people just put out their garbage on whatever day they please, without bothering to think about when collection is and certainly without consulting their calendar for blue box – black box – leaf bags – and soon, green compost bins. For some people, everyday is garbage day.

2 thoughts on “The 100 mile diet

  1. Bylaw is your friend. I’m sure there’s something that covers leaving piles of garbage in your front yard.

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