Scott Street bike/multipurpose path repairs

I use the Scott Street multipurpose/bike path at least weekly. It takes me from my house to Loblaws in Westboro. Any user will know the paving is in bad shape (as is the design of the path, but that is for another day…).
Some paving repairs have begun by the City. One of the worst sections just west of Tunney’s Pasture Station has lengthy sections marked for repaving. Previous repavings have often been half-hearted patches. I look forward to discovering that this time proper repairs will be done to bring the path back up to point where it is a pleasure to ride on the path again.

3 thoughts on “Scott Street bike/multipurpose path repairs

  1. That’s great news!

    The east side of the Canal path has some new places marked, too, most notably by the retaining wall section north of Pretoria, just prior to the UofO.

  2. Given that I’ve never seen that path on the official cycling maps, despite its asphalt design obviously for something more robust than the average pedestrian sidewalk, I often wonder if the City knows what to do with that path.

  3. I was thrilled to see those holes (or, “lakes” after slightest rain) were being filled, now if only the city would plow it a little more often in the wintertime…

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