Thatched roof on the Beaver

Make no mistake, the buildings are tightly packed in on the Beaver Barracks site. Every inch counts, including the roofs. There are some large roof patios. The railings are made of glass, to maximize the views and break the wind. Most of the roof is planted with sedums and grasses in shallow planter beds.

In addition to the building’s planters, there are planter boxes for use by tenants, and even a potting shed/room with running water.

view to the northwest


Also the roof has access to the top of the “round” turret that graces the south-east side of the building. Thus far, the room has no purpose. It is odd-shaped, round on some sides, pie-shaped on others. I suggested they finish the bathroom and rent it out to someone seeking a minimalist one-room zen-like space. They could make a fortune!

Here is some info again on how the green roof works:

3 thoughts on “Thatched roof on the Beaver

  1. I love Green roofs!
    They allow for urban dwellers to have a real ‘back yard’ without making people drive by empty space the way that suburbs do. The kind that have ugly rock gardens and tufts of ornamental grass are stupid.

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