The Common Beaver

Another post in the continuing series exploring the Beaver Barracks development by CCOC. Here are some shots of the common areas:

The bike room is right inside the front door of the lobby. It maximizes convenience for cyclists, so they are more likely to take the bike than go to the garage. It is generously large as many tenants will not have a personal car.

The hyper-tidy laundry room is on the main floor by the back lobby. Big windows allow parents to supervise outside play; and outside people to over-see the laundry. More eyes = more safety. There will be a little play area for toddlers whilst parent loads yet another load …

the machines are have the latest bells and whistles, with electronic control panels. At the right is the operating console. No coins … this uses pre-paid charged-up debit cards only, to reduce vandalism and thefts:

Yet another digital device to figure out:

interior signs remind residents that they are in an environmentally-advanced building

Next: the roof.

2 thoughts on “The Common Beaver

  1. The green roof is impressive. Sedum is a really nice choice for roof plantand it will look fabulous in the fall. They did some things well here. Thanks for the inside look.

  2. My Mother-in-law just moved in to one of these buildings (the lower one). Your comments are pretty good – I think it is a good idea to concentrate space in the “living” areas and make the bedrooms smaller. Given small overall sfs (~700 for a 1 bedroom/den and 775 for a 2 bedroom) skimping on the bedrooms allows for better dining/living options.

    I continue to be amazed at how much better we are now at using space well than in the 50’s/60’s. I have lived in quite a few 1960’s apartments and they all have such wasted space. One I lived in, a 750 sq.ft 1 bedroom felt smaller than a modern 650 sq. ft. just because of how we can find ways to make sure no spots are wasted on hallways and such.

    Gotta say, I don’t much like the bike racks. I guess I would keep a chain and u-lock there and leave it there, but having had my bike stolen twice out of an apartment lockup, I am naturally shy. These ones in particular don’t seem like the best choice – wheel locks only without a good chain.

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