A Tale of Two Corners

First, the good corner. In Beechwood Area, a brick bulbout has been patio’d by the adjacent pub. Notice the sidewalk runs between two parts of the outdoor patio. Do servers cross the sidewalk ? In Ontario !  Ooooohhhhh !

The oversized red flower posts (left curbside) are also so attractive. Well done. PS: where are the Watson asphalt bandaids on this sidewalk??

Second, the more typical corner. This one freshly re-sidewalked by the City, at Fisher/Tunis. New asphalt, new lead up sidewalks (for a few feet) and the City’s by now trademarked puddle rendering the whole expenditure useless.

You may stop crying soon. After all, what pedestrian would ever “go for a walk” when its raining? Wait, wait, it’s not actually raining, the pavement is dry ! OMG, the water is being stored there. The joy.

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Corners

  1. Lovely use of extended sidewalk. BUT what will be there when snow removal s needed.
    Should we be developing our own solutions for such spaces, considering our short summer and months of snow issues. Not to be negative, do not misunderstand, but I would like to see a Canadian solution for the sidewalk cafe…

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