Deep in the West End, a secret garden

I was wandering a bit far from home, going west of course, and dropped in to “inspect” one of my favorite secret gardens. This is on private property, viewable from a townhouse private lane, but cyclists are pretty innocuous and safe, eh?

And …

It is not visible to motorists, that’s all the clue you’ll get from me.

Much more viewable is the garden near the Keg Manor on Richmond Road, which can been seen whilst passing by on the sidewalk or curbside bicycle, or you can enter and wander around, admiring the handiwork of dedicated community volunteer gardeners.

This week I hope to make it over the border to see the Mosaiculture topiary. I saw the show in Montreal two years ago and look forward to renewing some large scale acquaintances.


2 thoughts on “Deep in the West End, a secret garden

  1. The same bench statue (but without the lady) is also just outside the St Laurent Ottawa Library on Cote Street.

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