Staircase House

above: lot preparation last fall …

Recall this infill on Primrose and Lorne, by the staircase, has been featured on earlier posts.

By the end of December, the garage floor has been poured on the third floor — flush with Upper Lorne — although the bridge to get to it was not yet in place.

The picture above shows the windows installed. Notice that on the fourth floor there is one large room to the right and a smaller room instruding onto the deck. The smaller box, fenestrated on several sides, is the stairwell that runs through all the levels, with generous windows on each floor letting light pour into the house.

In the picture below it is possible to see the fourth floor top of the stairwell, with windows on three sides; below that on the third floor is a huge window facing Lorne (east); and below that a window on the second floor that while it faces the cliff will let in a lot of indirect light, similar to side windows on most houses that abut other houses. The garage door (to the left) is boarded over with wood.

7 thoughts on “Staircase House

  1. I believe there are a few houses on Billings Ave(?) in Alta Vista that run down a very steep hill to meet Riverside Drive just northeast of Bank Street, that are also built on a very steep slope, so the front of the house looks like a bungalow with a side garage but the house is three or four stories high (lower) at the back. Whether there are rooms below the garage itself I cannot recall.

  2. Definitely one of a kind- when I saw your first post on the property, i said to myself “That’s a lot?”

  3. trust me alot of people questioned well everything about this build….. it wasn’t easy but now that people are starting to see it they can see what the intension was IS…..

  4. Hey – I noticed a “for sale by owner” sign on the staircase next to the house this morning. Any news?

    1. to answer your question Meg I decided to put a for sale sign on it and see if I could drum up some interest in it, if I got a good offer I’d sell it if not I’d just live in it for a bit, the view isn’t so bad so I’m sure I’ll manage !!!

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