Inside the Staircase House (iv)

The view out the window from the second (bedroom level) floor towards the cliff managed to be interesting. The window is in the hallway and will need to be draped or frosted. I was surprised at how much light came in. Wa-a-a-y down at the first floor (studio level) there is a small window that looks right into the cliff face just a few feet away. The jagged rock has tree roots coming out through the cracks. The house has about 2600 sq ft of living space spread over the four floors. The huge windows make the most of the dramatic distant … Continue reading Inside the Staircase House (iv)

Inside the Staircase House (iii)

The kitchen/dining room are on the third floor. Just beyond the fibreglass insulated wall is the garage. The front door to the house is just off-picture to the left. The room in the background is a walk in closet and powder room. The developer is standing where the kitchen cabinets will go. There will be a wall of 15 cupboards, of four different widths, heights, and depths, making an organic sculpture with pizzaz. Cabinets are being crafted just a few blocks away (buy local…) by Prendergast on Young Street. There will also be an island. Turning to face the other way, the … Continue reading Inside the Staircase House (iii)

Inside the Staircase House (ii)

It looks weird from the Lorne Street sidewalk level (third floor of the house) to see huge windows facing the escarpment. It seems, from the outside, that little light would get in. How wrong that is … the huge windows flood the house with light. The two windows on the cliff side might need to be covered in shears or with window film for privacy. The main staircase runs up past the windows through a multi-storey light well: The stair stringer is a single steel box beam, with metal supports for each tread. The treads themselves will be wider wood … Continue reading Inside the Staircase House (ii)

Inside the Staircase House (i)

Marc Dupuis, the builder of this infill on Primrose/Lorne staircase showed me around the inside. There are some “new” construction techniques and features that are worth looking at over the next few posts. The house consists of a street level entry, kitchen, dining room, and garage. One floor up (the fourth) is the large living room and deck. One floor down (the second) are two bedrooms. The first floor, at the Primrose level, is a studio arrangement of bedroom, studio, bathroom, wet bar (aka kitchen) and separate entrance. All logic and good design suggests that the entrance at this lower … Continue reading Inside the Staircase House (i)

Staircase House

above: lot preparation last fall … Recall this infill on Primrose and Lorne, by the staircase, has been featured on earlier posts. By the end of December, the garage floor has been poured on the third floor — flush with Upper Lorne — although the bridge to get to it was not yet in place. The picture above shows the windows installed. Notice that on the fourth floor there is one large room to the right and a smaller room instruding onto the deck. The smaller box, fenestrated on several sides, is the stairwell that runs through all the levels, with generous windows … Continue reading Staircase House