Inside the Staircase House (iii)

The kitchen/dining room are on the third floor. Just beyond the fibreglass insulated wall is the garage. The front door to the house is just off-picture to the left. The room in the background is a walk in closet and powder room. The developer is standing where the kitchen cabinets will go. There will be a wall of 15 cupboards, of four different widths, heights, and depths, making an organic sculpture with pizzaz. Cabinets are being crafted just a few blocks away (buy local…) by Prendergast on Young Street. There will also be an island.

Turning to face the other way, the view from this floor is excellent. The windows have been deliberately set low as they will be mainly used by people sitting at the table:

I very much liked the combined sense of being in a high rise whilst simultaneously being at ground level. The roofscape view is attractive and interesting and will be very green in the summer:

The view from the fourth floor is amazing. If you look closely, you can see the ice-fishing huts on the Ottawa River downsteam from the Prince of Wales bridge:

The living room’s roof deck can be seen in the foreground. Presumably it will get a glass railing. Here’s a view slightly more west, the dark blue of the open river water was shockingly bright:

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  1. That rooftop deck looks like a great place to enjoy a beer…but only after the railing has been installed 😉
    Definitely innovative to the power ten.

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