St Agnes Resurrected; will Bell ring?

The old St Agnes school south of Gladstone on Bell has been in private ownership for some time. It unfortunately had that “abandonned” look to it, which the neighborhood did not need.

The school, now owned by the adjacent Polish Catholic church, is undergoing major renovations as a educational, community, and recreational centre for the Polish community. It is nice to see quality renovations underway, including new windows and additional window walls being cut into the old brick exterior.

The dilapidated Bell Street towers apartment buildings across the street have also seen better days. Apparently the new owners are going to reclad the exteriors of the buildings. There is tremendous potential to do a design-challenged cheap job (black metal siding) or an design-proud recladding in traditional or modern materials. Givent the prominence of the towers to the skyline and their view from miles away along the Qway, I hope for the quality refinishing.