infill in Dalhousie South

Substantial-sized infill semi-detached homes under construction in Dalhousie south, near Carling. The foundation has a substantial ledge, which suggests the exterior may be brick. There is a detached garage in the rear, with access of the rear lane. In a well done move, the back of the garage, which faces the back of the house, has been finished with quality detail so it looks like a small house in the back yard rather than a garage.

The arrival of larger single homes in the neighborhood (rather than triplex or quadplex infills) bodes well for neighborhood stability as it is more likely to attract families. These infills are not cheap, which further indicates the buyers faith in the desirability of this neighborhood which still has its blighted / less-well-cared-for portions and, shall we say, party-oriented and alternate-universe oriented occupants.