Seeing Seattle (xii) parade of landscaped overpasses

Yesterday, we saw the “top” views of a landscaped overpass in Redmond, a suburb of Seattle. This landscaping is neither universal nor unique.

But most impressively, along the I90 freeway, there were NINE overpasses in a row with luscious landscaping:

i90 seattle 9 overpasses

Here’s some of the views from the freeway itself:

aug 27 2014 336

aug 27 2014 339

aug 27 2014 342


BTW, down the centre lanes of numerous freeways were transit priority lanes; stations were located in the centre median space either at freeway levels below the underpasses or sometimes transit vehicles had separate off ramps from the centre. You can see some of these features in the pictures here.

aug 27 2014 346

In several places, vines where planted on the “edge” of the bridge, and allowed to grow dangling down towards the freeway.  The green veil is kept croped by the force of passing vehicles underneath:


Seattle is, of course, blessed with a rainier, milder climate than Ottawa. And also blessed with much nicer infrastructure landscaping.

Look, somebody cares.