Seeing Seattle (xi) sidewalks you’ll never see in Ottawa

seattle 2014 062

the photo shows a generously wide sidewalk, interlock retaining wall, nice mulched bit of planting between the walkway and the road. Notice too how some surface treatment (sandblasting?) gave it an interesting pattern and texture. But there is something here that is extraordinary.

seattle 2014 058

there’s a pretty ordinary bike lane on the adjacent road.

seattle 2014 061

and a spot where the bike lane turns onto a bike path, crossing our sidewalk first. I;m not so sure I like the post, but it probably keeps motorists out.

No, what is special can be seen in this picture:

seattle 2014 064

Look very carefully. Look at the left edge. Notice the railing. What is on the other side?

seattle 2014 063

Yup, this whole wide sidewalk, and bike trail, and lush landscaping, is all on an overpass. Here’s what it looks like from the freeway, complete with coordinates if you want to google it.

seattle 2014 216


Kinda makes Ottawa’s initial foray into overpass planting — on the Somerset viaduct, where trees are in large-ish planter boxes — look rather timid.

So, is this a rare and extraordinary bit of landscaping? Well, not all Seattle area overpasses are landscaped. But lots of the newer ones are. Stay tuned tomorrow …