Rapibus: indoors at de la Cite

July 2015 054

This is a large station, at a  campus, and as you will discover, has washrooms, feeding facilities, ticket services, etc.  Indoors, the floors were finished with large porcelain tiles. I can’t get a straight answer as to what will be the floor finish for the Confederation Line stations, other than “what RTG decides…”

July 2015 087


comfortable seating too:

July 2015 094


A welcoming ticket and service wicket:

July 2015 095


July 2015 096


The opening hours are  generous (seven days a week) many transit users are in the service industries which requires them to work shifts and any day of the week. I like that someone took  care to be open and available when users want to travel rather than just their stuffed-shirt white-collar hours.

This stairwell wall is sturdy:

July 2015 099


But I was surprised that this one was drywall panels, which are inexpensive and not sturdy:

July 2015 084

Elevators, of course:

July 2015 098

And food for the weary during shop hours:July 2015 089


and after hours:

July 2015 090


And something you won’t find in any Ottawa transitway stations, and won’t find in any of our new OTrain Confederation or Trillium lines — public washrooms ! What is the French for “gotta go” ?

July 2015 091

July 2015 092


really nice and clean washrooms:

July 2015 093


and yes, that’s a green roof over parts of the station:


July 2015 079

next: not all is perfect …


ed note: I mislabelled this station in my original story posting, and revised it to de la Cite.  I am note sure if it is a college or sports complex at the location. Another pax there told me it was a cegep, but my french is atrociously bad.


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  1. I like the thorough review! But this is actually “De la Cité”, not La Gappe. It’s close to the sports complex, but I don’t think there is a college nearby.

  2. RTG has to maintain the system for 30 years, so they’re going to pick a floor that’s durable and easy to clean.

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