Mind La Gappe, fine features found here

July 2015 054

De la Gappe is a large station on the south side of Gatineau, beside a college campus. It had the rapibus road surface divided with a fence, overhead passageway, indoor waiting areas, and transfer area to local buses in the background. Let’s look at the minor waiting areas first, then the main building.

July 2015 066

Exterior siding was a slate-like ship-lap material that was very pleasing and durable and way warmer than concrete. It wasn’t sealed, which meant over time it accumulated these ghost images of passengers gone before (or who dematerialized waiting for a bus that never came):

July 2015 102


Here’s more of those wavey seats in an indoor, heated shelter:

July 2015 062


Simple, sturdy, yet pleasing waiting area:

July 2015 061


The wood ceiling and linear light fixtures warm up the environment and reflect the wood elements to soften the harder steel, glass, and concrete:

July 2015 068


The outside sheltered areas had the same high quality design:

July 2015 111


with a minimal amount of wood that is easily replaced if vandalized:

July 2015 069


Alas, they had those dreadful lego dot safety strips, which were already unsightly, rusting, and occasionally ripped open like tin cans to tear the toes of the unwary:

July 2015 114


Next: the overpass and main building

One thought on “Mind La Gappe, fine features found here

  1. hey I work there! cool stuff! I fall into La Gappe everyday!

    I just wish there was a better way to cross the bus path without having to go over.. most people (myself included, weather permitting) just walk right past the “do not walk” sign on the south side and take the grass to the corner of de la Cité. Why don’t they just take the fence down and pave a path? Probably a safety reason…

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