Rapibus excurison, stations along the route

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The Rapibus stations all employed a similar architectural expression. I liked the hockey stick roof slopes better than I thought I would after seeing them proposed for most of the Ottawa OTrain stations. The protected-from-the-weather undersides were wood, which warms up the sturdier areas where building meets passenger. Several stations had a large-ish main shelter, and a secondary shelter too:

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Secondary shelters can be built further down the platform, providing a mix of outdoor and indoor waiting zones. It also allows station platforms to be extended economically by simply adding another pavillion.

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these two pictures show a major transfer point, with shelters facing both the city street with popular bus route and, in the background, a second shelter on the Rapibus busway too.

July 2015 126


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At minor stations, there was a suitably downsized version of a shelter, but still more significant than an  ordinary bus shelter:July 2015 045

I really liked this tower advertisement for a station location, and think they should be at all Rapibus stations. Like the bright red bent metal pipes of the Transitway, one can spot the station from a considerable distance away and especially in unfamiliar areas feel comforted by the presence of a familiar face:

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Earlier Ottawa approved this artwork [LocomOtion] for the Carleton U OTrain Trillium line station. I’d like to see it at many more — maybe all — stations, and plastered in neon letters on adjacent buildings:

carleton u otrain art


Here’s one such branding from Portland (there was a whole series here previously), where big neon signs are an important part of their transit image:



In future stories, we’ll look inside one of the big Rapibus Stations and drool with envy at their fine features.

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