Rapibus excursion, premiere part

The Rapibus is the Gatineau City version of Ottawa’s Transitway. These are bus-only roads that by-pass a lot of traffic congestion, improving transit times and reliability and thus modal share.

July 2015 074

The rapibus road, routes, and branding are all very recent. Comparisons to Ottawa’s 35+ year old transitway show how some things evolve, and how some challenges were addressed differently. Keep in mind the Rapibus is at its initial stages, whereas the Transitway is mature and being converted to rail.

The logo is modern and attractive, note the arrows outline a negative version of the letter R. I really appreciated that the logos, colour scheme, and branding was all consistent, something I know the 2018 Ottawa system will have, but doesn’t have yet. Here is the “old” STO logo:

July 2015 040Much more dynamic is the newer look on regular bus routes:

July 2015 041


and the more powerful graphics on the Rapibus network vehicles:

July 2015 113


I thought the “faces and people” theming was excellent, it personalizes the network, and works to obscure the occasional “character” types one encounters on some trips.
The faces and people theme continued inside some of the buildings:

July 2015 088

Rapibus vehicles and stations have WiFi connectivity, I don’t recall the Ottawa ones having wifi.

July 2015 072

The overhead sign panels heavily promoted the STO and Rapibus brand. I especially liked the tie in to the library, at first my limited french thought we bus riders could get free books:

July 2015 128

Why doesn’t OC Transpo partner with the OPL to promote ebooks on the bus? God knows suburban commuters spend enough time to write the bloody book, let alone read one.

I also liked the invitations to the riders to participate in how STO operates:

July 2015 120

And the availability of an affordable seven day pass:
July 2015 119


Even the tap pad at the front of the bus was imaged with Rapibus:




July 2015 070

More Rapibus scenes upcoming …