Laurier Bike Track, phase 2



The west end of the Laurier Avenue Bike Track peters out past Bay Street. It used to run up the hill to cross Bronson, then continue to the Chinatown neighbourhood via Cambridge and Primrose, but that was removed and replaced by a painted bike lane in order to accommodate the pressing priority for residents of 500 Laurier ( Q E Towers) to have (often free) onstreet parking.

A new segment of path is being taken north from the approximate intersection of Percy and Laurier, across the Ottawa Tech playing fields (cry me a river when the school board claims poverty and cutbacks but sits on acres of developable property it doesn’t need for schooling). At least they allowed the path to cross the field.

After crossing the field, it arrives at the intersection of Bronson and Slater, at the foot of the steep hill. After a two stage crossing, people who cycle will be lead westward towards Brickhill Street (now being used by the LRT folks for digging their tunnel) where a new intersection signal will allow cyclists to connect to the multi user pathway on the north side of Albert.

Sounds confusing, hopefully it will work better in real life, as it does improve access to and from the west side to the Laurier track.


Given the simplicity of the routing and  topography, I expect to be cycling on this before Christmas.


laurier track