Rapibus: all is not Perfect Landscaping

July 2015 100

The stations had all the signs of a professional landscape architect at work.  There were textured pavements, architectural benches, artworks, big bold planters. Overall, the quality of the experience was excellent.

July 2015 057

But why the grossly undersized walkway at this loading and unloading platform? The expected has occurred: the grass is trampled down to hard pan, and those trees aren’t exactly happy riders either.

July 2015 078


Landscaping on the roof is harder to abuse those, and this was a happy-looking green roof. Much happier than this row of cedars:

July 2015 103


At risk of boring readers with yet more images of drainage swales, de la cite actually had one, but it bears an engineer’s signature, not a landscape architect’s, as it is merely a dump of rocks instead of a lovely planted hollow with a variety of wet-foot-loving plants:

July 2015 106


Mind, Ottawa engineers would put every electric panel in some sort of very large, very grey, freestanding steel box mounted on a steel post mounted into a large elevated concrete block. But on the Rapibus line, the electrical closet was discretely tucked into the back of a wall:

July 2015 109


Here’s a nice waiting / loitering / smoking area, with those beloved-only-by-architects backless benches. Notice the sheltered waiting area under the roof canopy:


July 2015 086


And here, a curiosity. There is a roof, but only mulch underneath it. No benches, no waiting area, just a dry bit of mulch (so dry, it is a fire hazard):

July 2015 060


next: what Gatineau did and uses everyday that Ottawa finds impossible to do and so doesn’t…

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