Pruning thoughts

City maintenance crews have been busy in our west side neighborhood. This is the pruning done on the west side of Plouffe Park, behind the Plant recreation complex.

I am always alarmed at the “shave it off at the ground level” style of pruning. It just seems an awful lot of green material to hack off and toss away. A similar pruning took place around the Plant Bath building itself, but not so close cut. Yesterday, the crews were gathering huge heaps of green branches into piles at Primrose Park.

2 thoughts on “Pruning thoughts

  1. I have been shocked in the past by seemingly excessive pruning, where the remaining plants do remarkably well with the extra light.
    In this case no won would want the scrub to crowd out the mature trees…
    However in this case, there seems to be a huge gap created between the two most prominent mature trees along the back of Plouffe.
    I wonder if Public Works on the other side of the fence asked for these trees to be removed for security reasons?

  2. There has also been lot of pruning of the trees on the paths near the transitway in Mechanicsville.

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